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HistoryHISTORY: The Ravla Khempur has a passionate history of true Mewari valour that dates back to 1628 AD.

An enemy, in order to avenge the killing of his brother.... [ read more...]

RAVLA:The title ‘Ravla’ in Rajasthan refers to the home of a village chieftain”.

In earlier days, the Ravla was the focal point of the entire village. Functions such as village welfare, collection of taxes, ... [ read more... ]

HORSES: Ravla Khempur is a haven for the horse lover. The stables house high pedigree Marwari and Kathiawari horses.

The Ravla horses are well trained and guests have the option ...
[ read more... ]

A HERITAGE HOTEL today, Ravla Khempur offers its facilities of well appointed en suite rooms, gardens, courtyards, cuisine, stables, horses etc. for the modern day traveller.

These were once enjoyed exclusively by the knights and nobles... [ continue ]

Contact Information & Reservations:

     Village & Post: Khempur, Via: Mavli-313203,
     District: Udaipur,
     Rajasthan, INDIA

Call :
     +91 2955 37154

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U.K. Office :
     Nick Sharma
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     5 Piccadilly Place
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     Phone: +44(0) 7595336707
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