The Ravla Khempur has a passionate history of true Mewari valour that dates back to 1628 AD. An enemy, in order to avenge the killing of his brother, plotted to assassinate the young Prince Jagat Singh of Mewar. His plans were over-heard by Khemraj Dadhivadia whilst he was having his sword sharpened in the market place. Khemraj didn’t utter a word of what he had heard to anyone and left quietly.

On the fateful day when the young prince was out hunting, the would-be assassin charged up towards him, intent on murder. When the deadly blade of the enemy’s sword was inches away from the prince, Khemraj leapt out from nowhere, and with a single stroke of his sword, beheaded the attacker. To honour this gallant act, Mewar’s grateful Maharana rewarded Khemraj Dadhivadia with a village and named it Khempur.