The title ‘Ravla’ in Rajasthan refers to the home of a village chieftain”. In earlier days, the Ravla was the focal point of the entire village. Functions such as village welfare, collection of taxes, administration of law and order, and the initiation of festivals took place in the Ravla.

Ravla Khempur exudes historical ambience and is graced with breathtaking surroundings. The lofty terraces, open courtyards, sprawling gardens, domes, arches and canopied balconies transport one back in time. Khempur village developed over the centuries to one side of the Ravla. It comprises a small, random and attractive cluster of typical rural dwellings and shops, and shaded squares where the villagers discuss the affairs of the world or share the local gossip. For the visitor, this is a side of India that has its own fascination; the cheerful welcome and natural hospitality of the village folk who ask nothing more than to enjoy a chat over a cup of tea.

Beyond the village is an expanse of verdant farmland stretching off towards distant mountains: not a single blot on the landscape to spoil this serenely beautiful panorama.